What and why?

  • What is Twikit web SDK? The Twikit web SDK contains website publishing tools and a client-side Javascript library with a rich set of functionality for adding a 3D canvas with configuration options and translations to your website.

  • Why Twikit web SDK? Allows to integrate a Twikit web configurator in your website in just a few lines of code. Embeds the configurator in your front-end code so you don’t have server costs when your website visitors use the configurator.


  • Javascript web SDK to integrate a 3D configurator in any website.
    Integrates a Twikit 2D or 3D web configurator in a website’s front-end code with just a single plugin script. Runs fully on front-end, no server costs induced.
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  • Open source demo apps available.
    Example code for Angular and React is available upon request to jump start your development.
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  • Distributed to a world wide content distribution network (CDN)
    The web plugin script, product definition and product asset are cached through a CDN. This ensures fast loading times all over the world.
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